Back-up Vocal~ I recall a youtube video promo for a Marillion show from just a few short years back. If memory serves, it promoted one of their Marillion Convention weekends, and it featured footage of DVDs of the Friday night show being burned in the convention lobby, as the Saturday night performance was underway. The band had rented a battalion of burner machines and hired a team to operate them round the clock, to burn and sell the DVDs for all 3 days of the event.
In crafting this new strip, that video ran through my mind. I loved the thought of my boys convinced they had earned a ravenous Marillion-caliber fanbase (and we Marillion fans must seen to be believed), and needed a convoy of burner machines, sprawled across the expanse of their compound, to handle cranking out their own ‘Backing Tracks’ CD releases. Finally, the reference
to “The Wire” is one of my few Pop Culture nods to acknowledge creations beyond the year 1998. You won’t see such a Shout-Out often. Enjoy it when you can.