Back-up Vocal~ The world of youtube is a fascinating little gem in our modern internet culture. Exploration offers hours of video postings from every stop on the spectrum of arts, education and entertainment. Some content posted is completely above board and squeaky-clean legal. Other offerings….yeah. Not so much. That wondrous youtube website has provided such a swath of inspiration to these here pages, that words would absolutely fail me if a moment of gratitude were suddenly demanded at gunpoint.
Some personal favorite highlights are videos exploring the talents of many of my favorite musicians. Thus, I have learned volumes watching them thar movin’ pictures from pioneers on many instruments. I am oceans away from being well versed in the kingdom of drums. However, I hold huge respect for a wide range of the greats, and a Shout-Out to a few of them is always fun. That said, I can’t begin to understand how Soxx drum beats would sound played by Carl Palmer.