Back-up Vocal~ The first few years of the new millennium, saw the release of CDs by two bands on opposite ends of the Instrumental Fusion Rock spectrum. Niacin albums featured drums, Hammond B3 organ and bass, but no guitar. Planet X albums featured keyboards, drums and guitar, but no bass. While not officially intended as Backing Tracks albums, they still fit the bill for players looking develop their chops in new directions. So, guitar players could buy the Niacin albums and improvise on top of bass guitar legend,Billy Sheehan. Bass players could spin the Planet X albums and build their skills underneath the talents of guitar giant, Tony MacAlpine. Reading about these releases played a role in developing this new story arc.
I also stumbled across a youtube release of the Yes Classic “Roundabout”, with the Chris Squire bass line isolated by itself. I was stunned by the track, and began to imagine how our boys would approach the same notion. Stay tooned to learn how the world at large reacts to their sonic assault.