Back-up Vocal~ Gentlemen, history seems to show that Progressive Rock, either listening to it, or playing it yourself, IS NOT the way to ingratiate oneself to the ladies. Traditionally, most Prog Rock fans are guys and many of them are musicians. Years ago, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, made a comment to the effect that Rush was never really a band saddled with groupies.
The comment was so good, that I had to use it. So, I found a way to express the same sentiment the way Tully would phrase it. Then, I built this strip around my version of the line and applied it within the
context of introducing Hapler to the dance. His taco fixation is a hold-out joke from the earliest days
of my comic strip development, and it found new life with our little fox joining the fold.
Why would a band hire a fox dressed like a superhero to be their Roadie? Well, that same band wanted a Roadie fluent in Lakota Go figure. Finally, there really IS a story behind Hapler’s name.
But, that’s a tale for later down the trail.