Back-up Vocal~ There’s a lot happening in the writing on this one. Rather than demystify it all, let me just point out one element in particular.
“Janflone Road” is my tip of the hat to Pittsburgh, PA guitar legend Tony Jaflone Jr. I have been a fan of
Tony for well over twenty years. He is not only a BRILLIANT guitar player, he is a first rate guy to know!
Going to see Tony and his band play live got me through some difficult periods in my life, and I am always grateful to him. His music and his warm, friendly personality always lifted my spirits and I’m not sure I
ever really properly thanked him for that.
So, I felt the best way to give something back, was to immortalize his family name in Manny’s world!
Hence, I named the road for Manny’s address after Tony. It felt like a fitting tribute to a prince of a guy,
for all the spirits he lifts with his music.