Back-up Vocal~ For the last several decades, one of the true driving forces for bands making albums has been the Click Track. A Click Track is a programmable digital beat that serves as a guide for recording drums in the studio. In most cases, once all of the instruments have been dedicated to tape, the Click is deleted. However, there is the odd occasion in which the band likes the Click, and they decide to leave it in a completed song. Perhaps it complements the drums, or even the overall vibe itself. So, a Click regularly plays a vital role in the recording process. I’ve read comments from drum legend Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater,Transatlantic), as he has talked about Clicks he has programmed to follow when he records. I don’t begin to understand how any digital beat could be made to keep up with a drummer of his power, work schedule and output. Perhaps only the right kind of drum machine can keep pace with a true drum MACHINE!
I know what you’re thinking. Floppy Discs?! Hey, it’s Splendorland. We’re Old School kinda guys.