Back-up Vocal~ Over the last few years, I’ve developed a genuine love for the concert reviews in British music magazines. In particular, Prog Rock Magazine offers extremely rich, vivid critiques of live shows, presenting both the performance pros and cons with great eloquence and class. I don’t often get to see too many live concerts, and Prog Rock bands rarely come through Pittsburgh. So, the reviews offered in these British magazines are of particular interest to me. They most often report on shows from groups I love, yet won’t get to watch myself. The thought of a show from Manny and company getting a write-up in a publication was fun. Given that other countries are much more welcoming of Prog Rock, the review had to come from overseas, and it had to be scathing.
Writing a strip like this one with 70’s music references, always reminds me of how much I’ve missed singing karaoke with my friend, Kelly. We are long overdue for another round.