Back-up Vocal~ Ok, the technical details are a bit hazy to yours truly. But, I have welded together a crude understanding of things, based on guitar magazine articles. An amp simulator or modeling amp unit allows one to store samples of a vast array of amplifier sounds in a digital format. There are advantages. A guitar player can access an entire library of sonic possibilities in one box, and only take half their gear on tour. Thus, a Roadie like Hapler isn’t saddled with nearly as much heavy lifting. However, digital equipment often lacks the warmth in the sound offered by traditional amps. In addition, digital gear can be finicky when confronted with the rigors of the road and bad weather conditions. So, it really boils down to the needs of the player.
Having said that, a few years ago I saw Asia live. Steve Howe only used 3 guitars and an amp simulator. It suited him just fine. Whether or not Manny’s model even works is still a going concern.