Back-up Vocal~ Ok. I have eaten quesadillas once or twice before in my life. Quite tasty. But, they never really became a favorite dish. Until Mannyacs. In one off-hand joke waaaayyyyy back in Comic Strip #14. From that point forward, they became a motivating force in dining out. So, anytime I ate at a restaurant imbued with this most magical of entrees on the menu, it was ordered without hesitation. This culinary obsession has spanned the last 4 years, with the fervor of a hurricane. Most recently, I was introduced to a quesadilla salad. After savoring each exquisite bite, I knew it would find a home in these pages. It just did. This is the first time I have ever created a salad in software. If I have done my job, it looks scrumptious.
Guitar magazines regularly post ads for music schools. But, you never see ads promoting the wonders of the dining hall creations. So, I have taken it upon myself to praise the innovative dishes offered ONLY in the hallowed halls of dear, sweet Splendorland University. Supper’s ready.