Back-up Vocal~ The realm of the recording studio is an interesting one. A necessary evil in the music world. I am fascinated by the vast array of studios where bands make their albums. Some folks, like Joe Satriani, will book time in the same studio for multiple projects, because they just love the particular acoustics in that one room. Some bands, like Marillion, prefer the freedom to record their albums at their leisure. Hence, they own a studio themselves. There were several old time studios that featured living quarters on site. So, a band would live and work in the compound until their album was done. Now, that was a big 70’s thing. I’m not sure how often it still happens with the rise of quality in Home studio gear, and the true explosion in recording software. But, I know that a number of classic albums were made in live-in studios in those days. Being an Old School sort of fellow, I felt this was the only approach that made sense for my guys.
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