Back-up Vocal~ One of my favorite parts of making Mannyacs, is creating One-Shot pictures of the boys. They provide a different caliber of challenge, because all the elements NEED to fit. Writing, artwork and timing all need to gel together in a single frame. I’ve made several over the years. However, the 0nly ones to make it to these pages have all been part of storylines.
Mannyacs has become a plot-driven machine. After making 50 new strips in 2014, the thought of taking time out to make One-Shot pictures felt like an giant step backwards. The only way I could justify single image works, is to build a story around them. Hence, we get another visit from our friends Down Under at “Zoop Magazine”.
As a sidebar, the misspelled ransom note is a Shout-Out to “The Big Hit“. Fantastic Lou Diamond Phillips flick. Watch it sometime.