Back-up Vocal~ Ah, the end of another story arc. I must admit, I do get a bit wistful when my boys tell me that another one has concluded itself.
For me, the heart of this one lies in the knowledge that Manny and Tully are tied together for all time, even through their seperate family and species lines. Strip away the banter, the tensions and the chaos that fuels so many of their adventures, and what you find are characters who share a genuine bond. THIS is why I make “Mannyacs”. Exploring the communion between my boys is what keeps me awake at all ungodly hours of night. Crafting the world where they can thrive and do what they tell me they want to do.
Manny, Tully and Soxx have achieved what my favorite author Charles De Lint calls “family of choice”, and my dogs will always be mine. In Splendorland, the “real” world or any other.