Back-up Vocal~ So goes the story as I have read it and heard recounted over the years: Back in the late 1980’s, Blue Oyster Cult had a story that would span 3 Concept albums to tell. Their record label flat out REFUSED to pony up the money for the entire production. Instead, they offered the Oyster boys just enough money to tell the story on one AND ONLY ONE album. Thus, the entire tale was cut down and released as the “bullet points” version, which fans of the band will know as “Imaginos”. There are some great moments on the release, and indeed, we get more spectacular guitar work from Mr. Buck Dharma. Additional guitars for “Imaginos” were provided by Instrumental legend, Joe Satriani. In trade for some much needed studio hours, to complete his album in production at the time. I leaned that one in Satriani’s book, “Strange Beautiful Music”.
This strip was especially fun to make. Because, we all know that if anyone has the grandiosity to RIFF their way through 2 sequels to another band’s album, Manny does.