Back-up Vocal~ I am a great fan of Comedian Patton Oswalt. Recently, I finally tracked down a copy of “Young Adult” on DVD, so I could watch his performance. The end credits for the film, included a song from “Free To Be You and Me“. Great Gosh A’mighty, that brought back memories. Those among my readers who, like myself are….of a certain age, may remember the record, as it was likely part of your childhood. Just as it was part of mine.
For the uninitiated: “Free To Be You and Me” was a mid-1970’s Children’s record, imagined and spearheaded by Actress Marlo Thomas. It sparked a phenomenon that inspired a Television special with stars like Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack, Alan Alda, Harry Belafonte and Mel Brooks. In many circles it earned great acclaim, for songs and stories that taught kids lessons about the power of choice and exploration of personal identity. Terrified Conservatives labeled it “destructive, subversive, hippy counter-culture bunk” for the exact same reason. Google that theme song by The New Seekers. Dig that BEAUTIFUL, idealistic, throwback flower-power vibe. Then, go hug some trees.