Back-up Vocal~ So, we arrive at the last installment in the “Dharma~Beach” Trilogy. Writing this one, I was reminded of the many discussions I have shared with my karaoke partner in crime, Kelly. We’ve talked at great length about songs we should sing on karaoke nights. Some are solo tunes and some are duets. When a duet is brought to the table, and microphones are grabbed, Kelly sings her parts beautifully. I butcher mine, with “take no prisoners, scorched earth” abandon. Regardless, our talks of prospective songs runs across such a broad and gloriously chaotic spectrum, that I spotted a chance to pay tribute to them with this strip. So, I did.
I never expected a guitar magazine interview to spark a joke that would take such a life of its own, that I would generate three comic strips out of it. Should Masters Reb Beach and Buck Dharma ever find their way to these last three works, I hope they will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.