Back-up Vocal~ One of my favorites from my list of memories from my sophomore year of High School, was hanging out with my friends, Bearcat and Robin. They introduced me to the music of Blue Oyster Cult. I have been a fan of their work since, in particular the “Spectres” album. What has always stood out to me most about the band, is the Lead guitar work of Buck Dharma. He has always been one of those guys who really finds the magic in open spaces in a song, and he weaves fantastic little tapestries throughout them. As I look back on it, many of my favorite guitarists really shine the most in this approach. Steve Howe, Ross Childless, Marty Friedman, Keith Scott and Steve Rothery are also among the Zen Masters of the form. They are the Elite in a specialized fraternity of players. Sadly, they often don’t get the credit they deserve for it.  Including Professor Dharma in this particular arc of the current story, lets me to send him a LONG overdue Shout-Out.
Finally, I offer sincere respect, apologies and thanks to Senator Lloyd Bentsen.