Back-up Vocal~ Those among my readers who are……of a certain age, may ask “why Reb Beach?”  The answer has two parts. First, like Master Reb, I am a Pittsburgh native. Sir Beach left our fair hamlet, to seek his fortune in the vast world of music. From Winger, Alice Cooper, Dokken and Whitesnake to Howard Jones, Roger Daltrey and Chaka Khan, he has earned a reputation as a spectacular guitar player. Beach is highly respected and sought after by some of the biggest names across the sonic spectrum. I love a “hometown boy makes good” story.   
Second, I read an interview with Sir Reb in the February 2015 issue of Guitar World Magazine. He shared a story that any SANE person may have overlooked. But, it BOUNDED off the page at me. Long-time readers are welcome to sing along, you know the words:
“It was so good, I had to use it!”