Back-up Vocal~ The importance of chemistry in a rhythm section cannot be overstated. Drums and Bass provide the foundation of any good band, regardless of the genre. I absolutely have my favorites among the best teams the music world has to offer. Principle among them on a personal level, Ian Mosley (Drums) and Pete Trewavas (Bass) fromMarillion.
Soxx is right-on in his assessment: Mike Portnoy is one of the most incredible drummers to ever play, and he seems to function on a completely INHUMAN schedule, with multiple bands recording and touring at almost the same time. Among those bands is Transatlantic, which features Pete Trewavas of Marllion on Bass. It is a true testiment to the talents of Trewavas as a Bass player that Portnoy picked him for the band. I must also tip my hat to Nick Menza. I’ve always felt that he is a truly remarkable drummer, and his contributions to 90’s era Megadeth have gone unsung for far too long. So, this was a chance to offer the man a Shout-Out. John Wetton? A legend. Case closed.