Back-up Vocal~ I am a great fan of Soundtracks. I started paying attention to them in High School, and over the years, a few have stood out to me as truly remarkable. Principle among my favorites are the Soundtracks for “The Princess Bride”, “Cal” and “Local Hero”, all of which were done by guitar legend Mark Knopfler.
In my 20’s, I discovered Gary Hoey and his BRILLIANT Soundtrack for “The Endless Summer II”. This was a FANTASTIC Documentary film about surfing. The CD became a staple for me as background music when I would talk on the air during my College Radio years. It set a great mood for my late night show time slot, and saved me from dead air on more than one occasion. Like, in those moments when I tried to be Chris Stevens from “Northern Exposure“. Soundtrack music is a mixed music bag, indeed. But now and then, we get a Soundtrack with the versatility provided by greats like Hoey or Knopfler. The above strip is a nod to the music that makes the right kind of difference.