Back-up Vocal~ In keeping with what has now become a tradition all its own, I offer a new “Group Photo”. To commemorate yet another touring milestone in the life of The DBS 3. In the past, a band picture was warranted to crystallize such a moment.This time around, it made more sense to present a smattering of DBS 3 gear, to illustrate the ego problems ruling the roost in the mind of our hero. Yes, the 80’s were a time of obscene excess for many a touring band. VH1 Classic has aired more than its share of Documentaries to prove that very point. Perhaps not quite as well known, is the amount of self-indulgent bombast, fueling the stage shows of more than a few Progressive Rock bands at their height.

Beloveds, we can all sleep in true, super-snuggly serenity. Knowing that even in our current bleak Recession wasteland, Manny carries the torch for outlandish visual spectacle and pure, unbridled Guitar God GLUTTONY!