Back-up Vocal~ So begins another road trip for the boys. Several elements inspired this one, including a Jay Mohr Podcast interview with Patton Oswalt. In the course of their talk, at one point they broke into CB Radio “Trucker Talk”, and it jumped out at me as a great little plot device for this particular strip. So, I dug  around online and found some real jargon I could include.
I own a C.W. McCall CD and it’s really some pretty funny stuff. Very much of its day and time. “Trucker Talk” set to 70’s Country  music. The whole notion took on a life of it’s own in my head, so I let the boys go where they wanted with it and followed them. This is one of the factors that makes Soxx such a blast to write. He’s always ready to dive head first into activities others would avoid, for fear of looking silly. Soxx doesn’t care, because he recognizes the freedom in being himself.
That’s were you find the power.