Back-up Vocal~ Musicians know that the drums and bass are the foundation of a band.  The relationship between the drummer and bass player is vital to making music work properly. This is true in all music genres, but most especially in Rock music.  The rhythm section MUST communicate and understand each other, in order for the rest of the band  to do their job.

So, it makes sense that Soxx would wonder which famous bass player Bo resembles.  Each name Soxx mentions is a legendary bass player, respected the world over for their contributions to the music realms.

It may seem surprising that ABBA’ s bass player was included here.  What many people don’t know, is that Rutger Gunnarsson was the greatest bass player Sweden ever produced.  Not just opinion, but actual fact. Sometime, play your ABBA records again, isolate the bass as much as possible and just listen to it.

It is truly astounding work!