Back-up Voal~ Ah, the 70’s. The age of sparkly stage clothes. Rock music stars from outer space.
And Disco.
I was born in ’71, so I really qualify much more as a child of the 80’s. I was way too young for most of
the fads of the decade. What little I recall about that period of time is scattered memories.
Having said that, anytime I catch a TV Documentary about the music of the 70’s, I am hypnotized by the blinding stage fashions of that era. There’s just something mesmerizing about how tasteless it all was.
Fast forward to the 90’s. My college years. And what do I find on late night Infomercial Television, whilst waiting for the “Northern Exposure” rerun? Dionne Warwick, hocking telephone Psychic Readings?! 
And she wasn’t wearing any sparkly clothes! Crestfallen still, even all these years later, I felt it warranted addressing by my favorite canine social commentator. Manny has a crush on Dionne Warwick.
Who knew?!