Back-up Vocal~ In recent years, I’ve seen a fair amount of coverage devoted to the realm of “Scrap Booking”. It appears to be the hobby sweeping the Arts and Crafts world like wildfire. Two points really struck me along that line: First, Manny and the boys should want their exploits and shenanigans recorded for posterity. Second, Soxx would be the one to make sure that watershed band moments are crystallized. 
So, it made sense for Soxx to demand that EVERYTHING be dropped for a photo opportunity, the second the thought of one occurrs to him.  Especially on the drive to the swanky summer home
of actor Jonathan Banks, to cater his “Wiseguy” Cast and Crew Reunion Pool Party. When Soxx decrees it’s time to take band photos, you stop the truck. As for that last bit: ever seen a Sally Field Oscar Award speech? Or the film moments that garnered them? Hapler’s tirade of OUTRAGE over being denied his Super Hero suit, should rival the best Politically fueled rant Ms. Field could offer.