Back-up Vocal~ So, the “Wiseguy” reunion pool party is finally upon us. Rest assured, untold legions of pain-staking minutes, perhaps even an entire hour, got invested in preparation of the events about to unfold. Manny and the boys prefer to keep such details to themselves. These sorts of behind-the-scenes machinations will someday find themselves a happy home in a “tell all” book. The only question is, which of our boys will write one first?
Truth be told, I am flying as blind as the rest of you, on the direction of this current story arc.
I am merely reporting on the adventures as Manny and Company choose to share them. But, I can offer one observation. Because, I know what my (Thank you, Jesus) devoted readers are thinking.
Soxx as a bartender??!! Look, this is Splendorland. Even when qualified personnel ARE available to meet a need, they WILL ALWAYS be THE LAST ONES consulted.