Back-up Vocal~ This one was partly inspired by a real bit of music history. I have read 3 different
biographies of a now legendary Rock band. In all three books, even the band members themselves, tell
the story of how they garnered the Number One selling album on the British music charts, one week back
in the late 1960’s. It was achieved by their manager at the time, who took several boxes of the band’s new release to a record store, submitted them for sale, then bought them all back. This all took place during a Postal strike in England. So, only that one record store was tapped for it’s weekly album sales numbers. As a result, on paper, it appeared that the band had the top selling album for that particular week in the music magazine sales charts. Of course, massive hype and excitement ensued, and customers began buying the record themselves. The rest is history. If a real band can cheat the system, then I figured Hapler would make his contribution to Manny’s future and do it, too.
In this day and age, a scam like that requires LOADS of cash. More and more, the boys find that Tully’s “Trophy Room” is a STUNNING source of financial relief.