Back-up Vocal~ Ever have one of those points in your life when you just wanted to vanish from the face of the earth? I was in that exact place when I started making this comic strip. None of my original ideas for this one came together at all. I was completely in the wrong head space to bring the concept to fruition.
It was too technical, it would have taken up way too much memory in my hard drive and my heart really wasn’t in it. My real life was not a pleasant place to be. The comic strip wasn’t a means of escape either.
In short, nothing was working and I really just wanted to get the hell outta dodge.
Suddenly, it hit me. I figured if I couldn’t’ disappear from life, let Tully do it. In his own ways, Tully
was facing a tornado of personal turmoil similar to mine. So, I let Tully take a “vacation” FOR me. Instead of me. Leaving Bo to mix and master the album.
Ultimately, this new direction turned out to be what was needed in the strip. It opened unexpected, 
but necessary doors to the story arc that follows next. Lemons to lemonade.