Back-up Vocal~ It is not wise to fly in the face of a Manny Manifold order. Not looking to ruffle any feathers, I was deeply aware of the crucial nature of adhering to our hero’s commands. I knew full well that we had yet to see Tully in the Norse garb Manny ordained as required dress code for writing and recording all elements of the sophomore DBS 3 album. Yet, Tully proved to be the tricky one in the group. Because, robes and capes had already been deployed, as had the traditional horned or winged helmets. Even whilst recording with Hapler in Matalas Caves, I had not formulated how the longhaired human goofball should look. I just knew that a slightly different approach was needed to keep the gimmick fresh. The prospect of placing a big, bushy beard on Yoga Boy had been previously broached. So, that meant I had a starting point. Something about that shepherd’s staff completed the look beautifully.

An internet search for the Norse Alphabet provided an offbeat notion that was ultimately worth application. Bolts and waves helped to encompass the ensemble and I was off to the races. As a side note, during my explorations, I also discovered a black ballcap, with the Norse word for “HEATHEN” embroidered in red across the front. It was the perfect Christmas gift for a dear, nonconformist friend. It was ordered immediately and loved upon the presentation. Thus, a new Comic in our tale took shape, along with the chance to spread holiday cheer to a Bro at the same time.

Manny’s aggressive quest for authenticity to make his dream live has even surprised me. I know and love him deeply despite his tendency towards zealotry, most often because of it. But, the Norse clothing business he threw on the table has given yours truly a challenge the likes of which I never knew he had in him. Further, the true expanse of the Manifold Compound has once more left me dumbfounded. The South Lawn Golf Cart Garage could warrant some exploration in a tale or two down the road, especially because the grounds never got a course. Which, lest we forget, may (or may not) have been the result of a “Swiss Mob thing”. By way of comparison, a homemade lightning rod crafted by Manny’s own hands is really just common sense to longtime readers. That same zap stick assigned strictly to the palms of a costumed Yoga Boy during a storm in the name of audio posterity? I think we all agree that to have it any other way would be heresy!