Back-up Vocal~ Great Googly Moogly, there’s a lot to unpack in this one. First let’s take a moment to celebrate the return of the glistening contributions from Splendorland University Mascot, Speero The Sparrowhawk. Feels like it’s been quite a spell since we’ve heard from him (whether it really has or not). Speero always seems to resurface at the perfect time. This new installment is proof positive that he still has got the skills. Animal impressions were a gift I never saw coming. But, the sophomore DBS 3 album has become a beast in need of constant feeding, with a pallet that knows no boundaries. Thus, if sounds of chickadees, toucans, cods and badgers are demanded to give life to a Norse Mythology Disco Concept Album, so be it. We can take comfort in the knowledge that the band knows the chap for the job. Plus, if corners need cutting, Speero works free and you don’t get cheaper than that. 

Just a year ago, I was prowling for a new television series and I finally delved into the world of “Orphan Black“. What a show! Even more astounding than the program as a whole, was the performance of actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays no less than 7 different individual characters, with a much broader number of them in the full canvass. I was so captivated by “Orphan Black”, that I knew a Shout-Out had to find it’s way into the pages of Mannyacs. It took longer than I expected for the right time and context to present themselves. But, when the notion of the need for impressions and voices on the new DBS 3 album dropped on the table, I found the opening to couple it all together. Because for those not familiar, one of Tatiana Maslany’s true talents as an actress lies in her natural knack for accents. That stuck with me and I applied it as the theme for this particular Comic in the current story. In addition, I honestly giggled at the thought of Manny and Soxx kicking back with popcorn and sodas to watch an “Orphan Black” marathon together. I always love thinking of them having “Bro time”. All of my boys have their respective crushes, but Manny hasn’t discussed any for a chunk of time. It made nothing but the purest of sense to me that our hero has become absolutely smitten with Ms. Maslany. Her “Orphan Black” character portrayals run the gamut from street-tough to warm and tender to super science-nerdy smart. Manny’s rugged renegade spirit, his fierce devotion to kin and his pioneering inventor drive all found a kindred soul in the performances of this multi-faceted leading lady. Plus, to be blunt, she’s cute as a button. That helps, too. 

Finally, the Jousting Club at dear old Splendor U is clearly possessed of a much more storied stable of horses than was previously brought to my attention. Since they hosted an alto Appaloosa within their ranks, a few thoughts have crossed my mind. First, the Alumni funds have been put towards some gloriously creative acquisitions (let’s see Princeton do that). Second, perhaps a story is curled up and lying in wait to explore. If I play my cards right, there’s gold in them hills.