Back-up Vocal~ I’ve often been fascinated by the communion of bass guitar and drums. I think of some of my favorite rhythm section duos, like John Wetton and Bill Bruford, or John Wetton and Carl Palmer, or Chris Squire and Alan White and especially Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosely of Marillion. I imagine all their hours spent jamming together one-on-one to perfect their roles in band material and I marvel at their talents. Now, it’s one thing to work on existing songs. But, it must be a much different animal to craft drum and bass parts without a piece of music in mind to complete the picture. It was that very notion that fueled this Comic. Since Bo and Soxx were told to conjure up grooves for music Manny either hasn’t shared yet or hasn’t written at all, they must set about experimenting blindly for days at a time. All in the hopes that they come up with work that fits a sonic tapestry which, as of this writing, remains to be defined. No guitar or keyboard demos to serve as a guide. They were simply handed orders: craft parts and submit them for review. It already baffles me trying to discern how the pros accomplish such a feat in the first place. Our guys have to tackle the exact same challenge, whilst dressed in Norse clothing. 

I feel compelled to throw down with a suggestion. In pages past, I joined my boys in singing the praises of “The Killing“. We have spoken from time to time about various facets of it we love. A random YouTube search brought me face-to-face with the extended version of the theme song for the original, Danish TV production. The music is dark and gritty, while atmospheric and yes, extremely bleak. Absolutely worth hearing. Both the Danish and American versions of the show used the Frans Bak soundtrack, which is just captivating. Soxx is right on the money with his assessment. The percussion on that take of the theme song especially stood out to me and thus, I found another reason to give the whole shebang a Shout-Out (for those interested, look up “Theme Tune Forbrydelsen The Killing” on YouTube). I have no clue how such gloomy and desolate mood music would ever find life on a Prog Rock/Disco Concept Album about lesser Norse Gods doing “The Hustle” on a Saturday night. Only Manny could explain it and as of this moment, he ain’t talkin’. Broken record time, so bear with me. One of my favorite moments in the “12 Monkeys” TV series, features extraordinarily scrumptious use of “Slow Ride” by Foghat. I had the chance to see the band perform a free concert to close out the summer of 2019. The new context I was given for the song demanded that I see them perform it live. They were so spectacular, that a nod to their late 1970’s Classic was in order.

Finally, Bo speaks the truth once again. Back in the day, the Osmonds were known for some glaringly ridiculous stage wardrobe choices. No doubt, a guaranteed way to make a crowd remember you (it sure worked for ABBA when they did it). The white leather, colorful scarves, and miles of rhinestones were outrageously tacky, yet….somehow functional. However, even the Osmonds wouldn’t wear Viking helmets, capes adorned with lightning bolts, oaken body armor and gold belts to save their worst night in Branson. Splendorland…..maybe. But, ONLY if the Brady kids flaked out as the opening act.