Back-up Vocal~ In attempting to find a few words to say about this latest Comic, I admit to a certain amount of confusion surrounding how to unpack it. Manny has provided quite the tall order in his newest vision and the album agenda Bo is reading was never sent my way for review. That said, my readings did reveal that swords, giants and magic apples all play a considerable role in Norse Mythology. Our hero found these particular elements delightful and gave them the life he intended for the DBS 3 sophomore effort. As Manny deigns to impart more of his plans to me, they shall be shared with you in a timely fashion, my Beloved readers.

Meantime, allow me to share what intel I do have at my disposal. Several years back, I ran across an old documentary on the making of “Xanadu”. Because, for reasons that still baffle me, someone had videotaped the original television broadcast and shared it on YouTube. I played it, using it as background noise while making whatever Mannyacs story I had in progress at that time. It was a fascinating show, as it laid bare all the problems that plagued the entire shebang from initial spark onward. Well over a decade ago, I borrowed a friend’s copy of “Xanadu” and watched, since I had only ever heard the music over the years and had no real context for the whole shootin’ match. Since childhood, I wondered what it all actually meant. Turns out, I would have been much happier not knowing. It was 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, it must be noted that I viewed “Xanadu” during my drinking years. The only advantage was the wine let me FORGET most of it. Because this was the worst elements of late 1970’s Disco culture, in a smash-up derby with the worst elements of early 1980’s roller skate culture. Said union produced one of the worst movies EVER committed to film. Jump to modern-day Splendorland. Of course, Manny felt driven to take a crack at dreaming up the music for a sequel Hollywood somehow lacks the pioneer spirit to make. We have our next adventure in hand.

A notable amount of ink has been spilled in discussion of the polarizing monolith that IS the Yes “Tales From Topographic Oceans” album. Indeed, I’ve said the occasional word or two about it myself in these very “Back-Up Vocal” segments. Thank you all for indulging me. While I love 1970’s era Yes the most of the band’s numerous incarnations, I don’t in any way claim to fully understand all of their body of work from that period in their history. If Manny has a true grasp of the caliber of melodies the “Topographic Oceans” line-up would craft for an all-instrumental “Xanadu: Part Deux” soundtrack, I would certainly love to hear it. Especially, since he wants to make his version better then what he imagines they would do. In fact, I’d love to hear ANYONE generate their interpretation of what they think Manny might compose on the subject.

Please, feel free to send me a sample or twelve.