Back-up Vocal~ There are times when I must admit to being pretty out of touch with the larger world. News slips by me with the greatest of ease. Most often, I am working in the universe we now know as Splendorland, or preparing a return trip with new Comics to make and new stories to explore. 

That said, I realize the notion of the “Dark Web” is as old as the hills. However, it still was a fairly foreign concept to me. Until references to it found their way into a few podcasts I had recently played as background noise, whilst performing software work on several Comics in this current story arc. After asking around among various friends much more knowledgeable in such matters, it was it explained to me that the “Dark Web” is viewed by many as the seedy underbelly of the Internet world. I’ve been told that a wide range of unseemly, salacious and in some cases downright illegal offerings can be sought in those back alleys of the Cyber Web. Not my scene at all. 

Yet upon further reflection, it seemed like the ideal playground for Bo to investigate on his quest for musicians to bring dimension and life to his solo album. As the DBS 3 band name preceded him and removed respectable legends from the roster of potential “gets”, much more unorthodox and far less elegant avenues had to be explored. That brings our stalwart dreamer to the existential quandary he now seeks to resolve with his advertisement, placed on the wrong side of the digital tracks.

Finally, I found that this Comic was the perfect spot for a Manifold© Guitars ad. Dig the catchy slogan. I’ve had that one for years and always looked for just the right spot to unleash it. That was a quote directly from Manny himself, dating all the way back to the earliest days of my writings for this little zoo. It speaks to the monumental ego fueling his goal for a full scale invasion of the musical instrument industry. The fundamental belief underneath it, opines that every living creature on the planet with anything resembling opposable thumbs CRAVES a Manifold© Guitar. Just because Manny builds them. Thus, with the “Manny-festo” in motion, all other guitar companies will bow in reverent submission and quake at the sound of Manifold© name.

So flows the river the guiding the nightly dream of Manny Manifold…the self-appointed, floppy-eared Czar of Splendorland.

Remember…it’s NOT a Coup…it’s A LIBERATION!