Back-up Vocal~ So continues the saga surrounding our own Bo Truwavas, as he strives to create his first ever solo album. Bass players of great renowned and respect have crafted spectacular projects outside of the traditional band construct over the years. I am not well versed in Jazz, which features a truly broad swath of spectacular 4-String sorcerers exploring the sonic landscape on their own albums for decades. The realms of Rock and Instrumental are much more in my personal wheelhouse, with names like Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm and Dave LaRue cropping to mind. I have heard solo work from all of these giants and I learned what is possible when such truly innovative bass men go forth to break new ground.

When the prospect of a solo bass-driven project from Bo found a place in my mind, I first imagined that he envisioned an album not so far away from what Stu Hamm crafted with “Outbound”. That was the album that strolled through my radar as the most logical anchor and reference point. This current tale has developed with factors such as the DBS 3 band reputation traveling at a speed faster than any one of it’s members could match. Plus, since Bo’s plans for his solo endeavor already have no connection to anything close to ‘grounding’, we find that a sensible framework has absolutely no bearing on his artistic trajectory. 

Speaking personally, I found this was a crucial Comic to advance in the Mannyacs world. Long time readers will know that guitar legend Reb Beach has found quite the home in the Splendorland pantheon. He has been extraordinarily patient (or at least completely silent), regarding my liberal use of his name. I am grateful for the mileage his cognomen has afforded me in my creation. However, I finally held a pow wow with my conscience and came to feel that perhaps the time had come for what the Westerns call a “Reckoning”. So, it seemed the sportsmanlike thing to turn a few tables and give good Sir Reb a chuckle or two at my expense. 

My thanks once again to Mr. Beach. Let the healing begin.