Back-up Vocal~ I am a great fan of the Podcast world. Music, movies, comics books, gardening, the topic doesn’t matter. If there is love for it, there is a Podcast devoted to it. I have been introduced to a swath of Podcasts hosted by members of the Stand-Up Comedy realm. They speak to me the most. True, they are geared primarily for those in the Stand-Up circuit. But, I found several shows with lessons for me, as comedy writer for Mannyacs. My favorite is Marc Maron and his WTF Podcast. I am a true “What-The-Fuck-anaut” in good standing.
Each program has its own flavor. That extends to the show titles, too. Comedian Chris Titus builds Hot Rods and engines. Hence, he dubbed his program “The Combustion Lounge”. It struck me that my boys had all the elements in place to host their own video Podcast. As musicians, their show name needed to stay within the sound theme. So, we give you “The Distortion Grotto”. Couple that with the numerous requests I’ve received for more Hapler. Time to grab the gear and fire it up!