Back-up Vocal~ “Why Steve Howe as Manny’s Guitar God?”  Numerous people have asked me this question over the years.  The answer is in two parts.
First, I grew up on those Asia records, and they hold a GIGANTIC place in my heart. I didn’t learn about Howe’s work with Yes until my high school years.  I honestly like Howe’s work with Asia BETTER.  In part, because I heard it first.  More to the point, on the Asia records, Howe DIDN’T HAVE 10 minutes of room to improvise on every song, like he had with Yes. He had to do what he does best in 6 minutes or less. Asia music really forced him to economize his sound and approach.  He wove MAGNIFICENT little guitar tapestries between the notes.  His job was to bring in all the color and he did GLORIOUS work!
Second, Steve Howe is the best known of the Old School Progressive Rock Guitar players.  Progressive Rock makes perfect sense to me, so it makes perfect sense to Manny.  He lives it, he breathes it.  So, Manny looks to the guitar player who brought it to life better than anyone else.  He looks to Steve Howe.