Back-up Vocal~ In all honestly, I don’t really have any witty observations or banter to offer on this one. It’s just a light hearted moment with Soxx and Bo getting to know each other, during Bo’s tour of the compound.
But, I can say, this one was extremely fun to make. Soxx  is a fun character to draw,
because he’s always such a happy little dude. He’s just thrilled to be part of the party, and
deeply proud to be the one who gets to play drums for Manny. Soxx always feels that he’s
in the presence of greatness when he’s with Manny. Adding Bo to the mix just makes
it all even better, since Soxx has never worked with a bass player before. This was also an
important strip, because it helps to further illustrate what kind of chaos Bo deep down
suspected he might face when he was convinced to fly out west and join in Manny’s dream.