Back-up Vocal~ I collect stories about the glory days of the session musician. From all the reading I have done, the commonly held belief seems to be that 1974 to 1986 was the prime time for the session musician. They could be playing on albums, jingles, soundtracks or even music for TV shows.
Session musicians are among the best in the world. Because they have to think quickly, move with changes and deliver quality work fast. In the least amount of takes possible. Time is money. The home studio revolution began to change the shape of session work from the mid 80’s on, as recording technology began to improve. But, during the hey day of the session player, they all had one element in common. They all wanted the paperwork that proved they were getting PAID.
Bo is the same way. He will play bass for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just provide him with that one
magic word that makes it worth his time and talent. Contract.