Back-up Vocal~ Just a few years ago, I re-examined Roger Dean’s cover artwork for the Yes
Close To The Edge” album, and really marveled at the beauty of it’s simplicity. Unlike much
of his more celebrated cover art, that album cover featured no dragons, no eagles, no pyramids,
no floating rocks (and let’s face it, no roller skates either).
The music housed in that album is so complex, that he let the listener use the cover art to
find their own entrance point to their own journey. In other words, offering no visual platform,
WAS the platform. To me, that’s absolutely brilliant.
So, it seems that our boys read Roger Dean’s mail and got the message they needed. Time to work.
Leave it to Manny and Soxx to take something as soothing as a color gradient, and warp it into
a statement of artistic rebellion.