Back-up Vocal~ When I was building this one, a friend introduced me to the music of Social Distortion.
I’m not a Punk Rock fan. I’ve just never been able to wrap my head around it.
Still, I found inspiration from the exposure. I loved the idea of Hapler crashing a Barry Manilow concert and being clueless enough to violently demand a completely inappropriate change of musical pace. By contrast, I was reminded of  channel surfing one night a few years back, and being struck utterly speechless, while watching Celine Dion butcher an AC/DC tune, on one of those “Divas Live” concerts VH1 will broadcast from time to time. So, there’s one icon who has never tried to update their image, 
verses one who tried never should have!    
This one turned into a perfect marriage of chaotic seas, Coast Guard run-ins, and completely surrealtales of foreign adventure mishaps, gone several notches above what polite society would christen “awry”.