Back-up Vocal~ So, I have never been to Wembley Stadium. The closest I ever got, was watching the “Queen Live at Wembley” DVD and the “Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert”. I have no first-hand knowledge of the place and I certainly can’t speak to the backstage layout. That said, I bluffed my way through it and cooked up my own little space as the set for this Comic. Most often, my little world is based around locales that are well established and don’t require much additional design. So, the chance to put my guys in a completely new environment lets me flex and explore “outside the box”. Creating more places for them is always a challenge and it lets me infuse some dimension into their corner of the globe. Curved hallways are always fun to make. Plus, I’ve grown much more comfortable with making monitors and placing content inside their screens. It’s become a fun trick to include when applicable and it made sense that my “backstage” at Wembley would have them on their walls. I can only assume that a few Splendorland University graduates relocated to England, insinuated themselves into British culture and made their mark on spelling where they could. It’s baffling to think that a few of the powers-that-be at Wembley listened to them and let them effect the presentation of onsite directions. 

I freely admit that this particular story snuck up on me. Because, I was cocky and utterly convinced that I had too much content to last me a full 9 Comics. I learned right quick that I didn’t have nearly enough. Manny and Soxx had one mission to complete and in this Comic, they got it done. I hemmed and hawed for a few days over what to do with the remaining Comics. Then, the scones happened. I absolutely never saw that one coming. Yet, when I wasn’t looking, the notion developed itself into an “all-singing, all-dancing” full service idea! Bo only meant to make a solo album that would let him stretch much further as an artist (and exorcise some demons), with the hope that a few folks might like it. He never for a second intended his excursion to detonate a mushroom cloud of success and International fandom that would culminate in a family of British baked goods named after him. This little “B Plot that could” suddenly became the thrust of our tale and opened doors I didn’t know existed. So, I’ll ride the wave as far as it will take me. Thanks for staying on board.

A few parting words: I designed the “Manifold© Guitars” business card specifically for this Comic and the slogan on it is not only a “Manny Orginal”, but it also appears on the back of the first batch of t-shirts I ever made years ago. I love it, so I still throw it in when I can. The Bay City Rollers reference?! I know, it sideswiped me, too. Yet another example of insomnia sparking some crazy tunes in my head and I had to watch their videos on YouTube to expel them from my brain. That search produced an old TV special from their glory days, featuring them playing in the round onstage. It just screamed out to be used. As for the Yes “Union” album reference, I know I constantly promise I’m going to leave that unsightly moment alone. Of late, I keep stumbling across more articles about it than I ever saw when it was new on the Charts. A few of the actual band members have said worse things about “Union” than I ever could if I were paid to trash it. Right or wrong, that sort of candid commentary will always toss a few fresh coals of empowerment in the fires of the old self-confidence machinery. As a result, the odd touch of ribbing still finds a cuddly couch here from time to time. Finally, let’s be honest with ourselves… just can’t beat some shepherd’s pie.