Back-up Vocal~ As this particular tale has progressed, I found it more necessary than usual to let it guide me in the direction it wanted to take. I thought of a few of my favorite Bass players bold enough to explore the solo album landscape. For the most part in their side projects, they presented themselves to the world as strictly Bass players and singers. They may have written their songs on an array of instruments, but they fronted their solo albums on Bass. Chris Squire, John Wetton (God Rest their souls) and Geddy Lee all come to mind. When they released their debut solo albums, it was their name on the cover. Granted, they peopled their studio bands with incredible players, but those outfits never officially had names. I felt a solo album from the long-suffering DBS 3 Bass guru warranted not only a story to give it legs, but a name for the collective backing him up as well. I hemmed and hawed over that one for a little bit of some time, before the answer presented itself. Then, I understood it as bright as day: the only way to give a Bo Truwavus backing band a name designed to make a statement, was by completely removing his power to vote it down. Money talks and since there wasn’t any in the coffers to pay the ducks, the next best option was to speak to their desire for street cred and let them name the band. I was then reminded of the Cult Classic”Buckaroo Banzai” film and the grandiose title he had for his band (look that one up for yourselves, kids) and I knew that Bo’s band needed a name at least half that ridiculous. 

Longtime fans of the film are welcome to shoot me dirty looks for my jab at the notion of a sequel. Blasphemy on my part? Absolutely. Have I lost any sleep over it? Not a wink. At the height of its popularity in the 80’s, there had been numerous rumors of a “Buckaroo Banzai” sequel and stories abound regarding why we never got one. The way I view it all, I can’t very well be sued for poking fun at movie nobody made. Further, for the detractors in the crowd, rather than simply cursing me for having a chuckle at the expense of a second “Buckaroo Banzai” film that never happened, why not unleash your vitriol on Hapler for having the stones to trample Sci-Fi sacred ground by actually writing one! It is worth noting that this Comic offers the first ever Shout-Outs to Peter Weller and Kevin Bacon. While I am admittedly less well versed in the films of Mr. Weller (all due respect for what I have seen of his work- especially “Buckaroo Banzai”), I am indeed a child of the 80’s and Kevin Bacon movies are as much a part of my gestalt as anyone else in my generation. He remains one of the finest actors of our time and a largely unsung talent. I’d like to see him get the recognition he deserves. He is truly a credit to his craft.

In the words of musician John Hiatt “But, OH! How that maaaaaaaan could daaaaaaaance!!!” (“Memphis In The Meantime” from Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan)

Finally, let’s be honest… the legend of Lou Diamond Phillips is now HEWN into the fabric of “Mannyacs” FOREVER.

Whether he likes a good Yom Kippur kielbasa basket or not.