Back-up Vocal~ Back in the 90’s Eagle Vision released a number of documentary style shows in a series called “Classic Albums”. Each episode celebrated a different album, breaking down each of the elements that played a role in it’s creation. In many cases, they would go song-by-song, track-by-track and even instrument-by-instrument through just every tune the album offered. It was fascinating to watch and hear how such pivotal music was built from the ground up. Since I’ve talked about the show in past write-ups, I won’t go into details again in this one. But, it must be noted that the “Classic Albums” episode covering the making of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” album inspired this new Comic. While I haven’t seen that particular show in a few years, I had watched several times in the past and a moment from it jumped out at me and begged to be used in these Panels.

The episode featured Producer Ken Cailat, sitting at the studio soundboard, revealing all of the subtle and nuanced guitar work Linsdey Buckingham had contributed to one Fleetwood Mac tune or another. It could have been “Go Your Own Way”, but don’t quote me on that one. In more recent years, I have only been able to find this particular episode chopped down to bits and pieces on various Internet search platforms. Further, I haven’t even found all of them again, yet. So the intricacies are a something of a mystery as of this writing. Regardless, I still did recall Mr. Cailat  discussing how Buckingham had showered a motherlode of great guitar riffs and threads throughout the song. They were recorded on separate tracks and would be added into the music during the mix and mastering. Buckingham brought so much to the table on that song that Cailat had said he could’t let any of it go. So, it all got worked into the song as we know it now. Somehow, that moment came back to me as I was building this Comic and I knew my version of it would be the perfect opening scene. I recall binge playing “Alphas” Seasons 1 and 2 in the background whilst crafting this Comic and hearing few of the characters talking about speaking Farsi. So, that reference found a home here, too. 

Now…contrary to how it may appear from the other side of the street, I really have tried to give Reb Beach a much deserved break from the considerable name-dropping he has received from the Splendorland crew in the past. However, it would now seem that his legacy may be locked in with ours for the long haul. Because, new ways to bring him back to the Mannyacs stage just keep presenting themselves.

I’ve given up fighting it.