Back-up Vocal~ Here and there, a few past Comics have taken place in the Control Room of Manifold© Studios. The space features a window in the center wall, with curtains on the opposite end. From time to time, I’ve been asked what is on the other side of them. The answer, of course, is the studio room itself. While that seemed obvious to me, I see now that it was silly to assume that it made sense to anyone else right off the bat. To sane people, it must have looked like the curtains were on the wrong side. I held off on exhibiting more of the studio itself. Partly because I hadn’t really decided how it should look. But, the real reason was that for some time, I was a bit intimidated by the thought of creating a rod with curtains tied back. I just wasn’t sure I could pull it off. 

But, this particular Comic proved the right time to tackle the challenge. So, I flip-flopped between Photoshop and Illustrator to put a rod with opened curtains together. It took several nights to find what looked right to me. Turns out, it really wasn’t as daunting as I expected. Especially since in the end, the entire curtain rod was cropped out in the interest of the serving the larger needs of the picture. It required some time, determination and good old fashioned elbow grease. Still, it’s the one prop that took the longest to make. That big, clunky tape machine was done in just a few hours.

Which leads to the real question: why is there no “MG” logo on that contraption? Manny takes great pride in building just about everything housed in his sonic sanctum, and throwing his name on it. He asked me the same question and he wasn’t nearly so diplomatic about it. Believe me when I say that all possible effort was made to include it. There simply wasn’t room on the front to apply the Manifold© name in a spot that would give it the visual credence Manny would ABSOLUTELY affirm it demands. So, until the gizmo makes another appearance allowing for more angles and exposure, let’s assume that the moniker resides on the back panel. Really, were it used at a DBS 3 live show, that’s where one would really want it anyway. Because, the backing plate is what the gear geeks (like me) would scope. We always have an interest in what brands a band chooses to utilize. Then, we would recognize a new Manifold© creation and stop to marvel at the never-ending bevy of equipment crafted by the hands of the genius that IS Manny Manifold. 

As a last word on a personal note: Yes. I do love Wedding soup. It’s my favorite of all the flavors. Manny and Soxx love it, too. I have never eaten at “Tavern On The Green”. So, I have no clue if they even offer it on their menu. If they do, I rest firmly in the knowledge that their recipe is a gateway to bliss.