Back-up Vocal~ There are times when a new story requires a touch of set-up….preparation, if you will. In this case, it was necessary to craft an exit strategy for Manny and Soxx to embark on a mission of mercy in the world wide arenas. Thus, making some room for a tale that will put Bo in the spotlight. I know that in several recent write-ups, I have stated that the “Splendorland University Guitar Show” saga had finally reached its end. Technically, it has. However, it really proved to be the gift that keeps on giving, in ways even I never expected. As a result, I discovered that another portion of my own previous writing in it, had offered yet another outlet for plot exploration.  

In order for our boys to most effectively spread the word of all the wonders their Alma mater can offer to potential students, it was deemed vital that they develop fluency in foreign languages. Where better to attend the classes, than at a college that already can’t even spell in English?

This particular Comic was fun to make, as it allowed me to draw our boys in clothing they had never worn before. It also let me explore more of the Splendorland University “value system” at work. When emboldened attempts at cuisine authenticity trump any true comprehension of proper functioning in the the cultures that cooked it, there can only be a glistening heap of glorious chaos ahead. 

Finally, there is a “Wiseguy” Shout-Out tucked in this one. Beloveds, you’re all invited to dig through all the tasty seasonings and sauces to find it.