Back-up Vocal~ Leaf through any guitar magazine and you will find a treasure trove of ads for gear, music schools and even memorabilia companies. But what about food? We never get to see what Rock stars eat to fuel the muse. Thus, the boys in the DBS 3 connected with the editors of “Zoop Magazine”, to offer an insert promoting a tasty new treat. We know our Manny as an industrious fellow, eager to unleash inventions of all shapes and sizes on an unsuspecting world. Each of these mystical offerings bear the Manifold name at such volume that it’s virtually burned into the psyche. 

When instruments, amps and cables weren’t enough to satisfy his drive anymore, Manny chose to expand his repertoire to the realm of edibles. Thus, his ambition lead him to explore unorthodox worlds of the flavor specturm. The best way to ensure his time in the kitchen makes its mark? Let Hapler infuse the recipe with his personal favorite of all culinary ingredients………..weapons-grade explosives. As keepers of the page quota, the “Zoop Magazine” editors were willing to comply and showcase the newest addition to the Manifold family product line. After all, they’ve got their own set of pipers to pay and selling ad space keeps their lights running. Let’s face it, printer ink ain’t cheap.

A ways back, some kind soul posted all the episodes of the CBS years of “Wiseguy” on youtube. As of this writing, the powers-that-be have yet to catch up to them for it. Thus, I have frequently enjoyed revisiting the series. Particularly, the Kevin Spacey story arc. During one episode of that tale (titled “Smokey Mountain Requiem” for those inclined to look), the word “munitions” was thrown on the table. I had not heard it before, so I looked up it’s meaning. Once I learned of the broad expanse it covers, I knew I had to make it part of the Mannyacs lexicon. 

I must admit that I’m still somewhat baffled by this particular Comic myself. It was the last notion I ever thought would find a place here. But what Manny wants, Manny gets.