Back-up Vocal~ A few different elements found their way into making this one. First, I’ve learned that Manny’s narcissistic ambition has yet to settle anywhere close to what civilians call “boundaries”. We’ve seen him hoist the Manifold© brand on a vast array of guitar gear. Perfectly acceptable. Then, he branched out and applied the moniker to a line of maracas. MANIFOLD© MARACAS. That’s forgivable. Most recently, we’ve seen our boy rocket off the reservation and throw his name down on a homespun navigation device. In the interest of being sportsman-like, I will go so far as to acknowledge it as “GPS………ish”.

However, now the floppy-eared quack has taken his vision to a completely new level, by creating his own breakfast cereal. True, KISS already did it. I will admit that I didn’t know a Blessed thing about it until about 10 minutes after I finished the Comic you now read. But, I stand firm behind my guy in his delightful endeavor. We at Mannyacs© are unperturbed by the past, present or future business ventures of Rock legends. It makes no difference to us if Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have already tackled the cereal realm. Manny’s creation STILL stands in a class all it’s own. After all, the aforementioned music giants never went far enough. Because, their recipe isn’t fortified with a hint of weapons-grade explosive propellant. For Manny, a morning meal needs a dash of ZEST!

Truth be told, I recently watched “The Brothers Bloom”…….again. Because I just can’t get enough of that film. Their nod to the wonders of nitroglycerin jumped out at me and I knew another Shout-Out was in order. Finally, all my Beloveds, consider yourselves forewarned. I predict another offering from our Aussie friends at “Zoop Magazine” in the not-so-distant future. They have become a regular fixture in our little world. A Greek Chorus of relative sanity to contrast the 45 minute chaos-riddled solos we’ve come to expect from our DBS 3 brethern. We never see cereal ads in guitar magazines, regardless of the open-minded caliber of the editors at the helm. If our hero ever gets his “Manifold Munch©” ingredients approved by the Splendorland Board of Health, then the staff at “Zoop Magazine” may see clear to promote it in at least one forthcoming issue. At the end of the day, they’ve got monthly page quotas, too. Otherwise, they may be forced to run ads promoting Splendorland University. God help us.