Back-up Vocal~ I must admit that this particular tale even took me by surprise. It started as what I suspected would be just a one-shot, slice-of-life moment for our Yoga Boy, a brief pause in the traditional chaos that fuels the lives of my guys. Yet, a simple notion wound up lending itself to a fun little pocket-sized story that took on a life of its own. Who knew that a pair of glare-reduction glasses would open the doors to a rouge internet cooking show, a band meeting, and even an intervention? Certainly not me, and I write this stuff. 

The band pow-wow was the ingredient I enjoyed the most in this current development. Giving my guys the chance to watch Tully’s televised meltdown in real-time was a blast to explore. His scatterbrained nature always provides unique roads for me to travel and the room to move those trails offer simply can’t be beaten. Most often, I find they grant me so many options that new story prospects wind up in a folder for me to examine later. Alas, I resemble the Tully of Panel 2 much more than I like to discuss and if I’m already in the middle of a story arc, then a few of those ideas can get lost in the sands of time. Or they re-emerge and present themselves further down the line, in which case they may have fleshed themselves out on their own and are ready for application in tales I have yet to craft.

I’m still not sure what makes Il Pavo pepper such a ravenously desired commodity. But if the Swiss and an enclave of Canadians are all clamoring for it enough to stand on the brink of a turf war, then I need to get my hands on at least a smidgen enough to give my Duck Magret some kick. If any of my readers have connections to help me acquire a shaker or two, drop me a note.