Back-up Vocal~ One of the principles fueling Manny the most is that of consistency. When our floppy-eared hero gets his mind to a thing and how it should be done, he launches an edict imbued with staunch determination to complete it. All parties concerned are expected to adhere to the rules set in motion, including Manny. Thus, when the word of Viking costumes deployed as the theme of the second DBS 3© album crossed my desk, I knew I had to follow said directive and draw the boys wearing them until otherwise informed. The rest of my brethren were permitted to return to civilian garb when they finished recording their respective tracks. But, capes and horned helmets were still required for Manny until his guitar finale was captured on tape. It was crucial to show that he follows his own decree to the letter. Hence, we see him in his Norse attire, as he checks in via digital communique from a mountain range I myself only recently learned adorns the edges of Splendorland. 

What makes a Prog Rock album Prog? Despite what the uninitiated masses may think, it isn’t always 47 minute long songs about swords and dragons. Of course, there are bands in the genre who have cultivated and mastered such material. More power to them. But, the most beautiful component of Prog is the way it defies any sort of rigid descriptors. The landscape is vast, with glorious amounts of room to move and endless realms waiting to be explored. My Prog music library is extensive (I know….shocker), and there are just as many spectacular bands who write much shorter songs with lyrics about fragments of history, personal loss and recovery, soldiers, race cars, pets, friendship, true love, card sharks, boats, birds, science, ghosts, political distress, philosophy, horses, jets and much, much more. Marillion even wrote a song as a Shout-Out to their own Road Crew (check out “The Leavers”, it’s an incredible tune). There is no limit to the potential subject matter that could inspire a Prog group. On a personal level, I love Prog with great vocals every bit as much as Instrumental Prog. As near as I can connect all the dots provided to me (and there are nowhere near as many as I would like), Manny seems to strive for the ethos of a “swords and dragons” caliber Prog band, whilst writing sweeping epics without any actual lyrics about them. Or, any lyrics at all for that matter. Sound effects on albums are among the oldest tricks in the industry and they provide crucial texture and mood. Crickets make sense to me, depending on the directions Monsieur Manifold was guided by his voices to follow. Yodeling may or may not be a bridge too far (of course it is). While I may have misgivings about such a notion, mine is not too reason why. Still, all the material for the second DBS 3© album has been recorded. At last, I can finally stop wearing that winged helmet and braided wig Manny ordered for me and charged to my own credit card.